Friday, March 05, 2010

Residents say they don't want wind turbines in Lake Ontario

Pulaski, NY -- About 80 people who live on or near the shore of Lake Ontario in Oswego and Jefferson counties turned out Wednesday night in Pulaski to say they do not want New York Power Authority putting wind turbines in Lake Ontario.

The Joint Commission for the Preservation of Lake Ontario Communities and other area residents said the wind turbines would hurt tourism, a huge industry in Oswego County.

“There is no benefit to the wind turbines for us,” said Shawn Doyle, a commission co-chair, longtime Pulaski resident and Oswego County legislator representing the Pulaski-Richland area.

“Tourism and fishing we get from the lake and (Salmon and Oswego) rivers, then there’s Selkirk Shores state park and Brennan’s Beach has more than 1,500 camping sites,” Doyle said. “The turbines are going to disrupt any views and will be terribly disruptive to the fishermen, because they’re going to be blocked to get out of the lake.”

H. Douglas Barclay, of Pulaski, told residents they have to unite to do what’s right for the area. Bob Ashodian, treasurer of the Henderson Harbor Chamber of Commerce, said the turbines would essentially create a blockade, shutting off people who want to boat from Sodus and Oswego to points north.

Doyle said about 25 residents spoke at the meeting. Some said they are not against wind power, but are against this project because it would kill the economy of the area, which is heavily dependent on fishing and recreational boating.

The power authority late last year proposed putting 100 or so wind turbines just offshore in Lake Ontario or Lake Erie. The authority conducted meetings in various sites along both lakes, including Nov. 13 in Oswego, to discuss wind power.

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