Friday, March 19, 2010

Citizen Power Alliance 2010 Wind Conference Resolution

The Citizen Power Alliance supports a federal and state policy of rational, reliable and responsible renewable energy. In order for alternative energy to fulfill this standard, fiscal accountability must be an integral part of any energy production program.

Public policy must be coherent and balanced. Alternative electric production must stand the test of scientific scrutiny and must meet or provide greater efficiency than current generation methods.

Energy policy must require dependable methods of generation that can supply electricity on demand with cost effective grid compatibility, at current capacity levels and close to end use destinations.

Electric policy must serve the primary function of providing useful energy at competitive costs that fuel commerce, while protecting the health and safety of the public and not negatively impacting consumers.

Government agencies must not be tools of “Special Interests”. The industrial wind industry has not demonstrated that their fundamental purpose is the generation of usable and efficient electricity. Costly permanent government subsidies are not incentives. Utilities are regulated enterprises for public benefit. A claim of “Green” does not equate with automatic public interest.

In order to achieve the legitimate mission for sound energy policy, the following requirements are necessary for strict regulation of industrial wind projects:

1. Precise minimal set back and siting regulations based upon worldwide experience, manufacturer’s recommendations, and using accepted scientific noise evaluation.

2. Full disclosure of net electricity generated and integrated into the grid. Accounting of the amount of electricity required to run and maintain the wind project. Complete transparency and proof of wind velocity data, proof of adequate wind patterns for sufficient economic production.

3. Inclusion of industrial wind turbines under state building codes, with professional oversight during construction and maintenance, along with state and federal health and public safety enforcement.

4. Require escrow funds for the full cost of de-commissioning of projects before permitting and proof of NYS liability insurance and workmen’s compensation coverage before construction.

5. Demand audited financial statements, proof of ownership and upstream identity of the developer.

6. Elimination of local tax exemptions (PILOTS), REC certificates, and all forms of state and federal corporate welfare transfer payments, credits, grants and government guaranteed loans.

7. Any stimulus funds require US ownership and manufactured turbines and local employment.

8. Reject Cap and Trade schemes, hedging of non-existent REC’s, derivatives, credit default swaps, and financial instruments that drive up rate costs for electric consumers.

9. Demand strict and comprehensive enforcement of state and federal anti-trust violations.

10. Keep “Home Rule” while establishing strict minimum state regulation standards under a new Article X that protects the public health and safety, property values and environmental quality of rural life.

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