Monday, March 15, 2010

From good to bad to worse for wind

Just a few months ago there were very few main stream media sources that were releasing reports about the horrors of wind. You know, things like 73% of the subsidies going to foreigners, inefficient and expensive power, corruption of local officials, noise, flashing lights, burning and collapsing towers, property values reduced 40%, social and aesthetic destruction of communities, the elimination of 4.5 jobs in the energy industries for every one produced and decimation of the seasonal and tourism trades in the hosting communities. And, if you think MSM is busy now, wait until they start writing their stories about disappearing wind developers and bonding companies that will go bankrupt and cop out on their agreements to tear them down and restore the polluted lands.

I can't keep up with them. Just in New York State, alone, every day, there are reports, all bad, about the horrors of wind development. My email is swamped with bad news. I even forgot a few wind horrors in the first paragraph. Like how Lewis county was getting sued by the wind company so the wind company won't have to pay what they promised.

No one ever writes good news about wind development, anymore. Not since the wind company told me about the graduate student in Rochester, whose thesis claimed property values near the Cohocton wind factory would remain the same. He was wrong, they tanked!

Sensible citizens opposed to wind are having difficulties these days keeping up with the bad news and the reasons why their anti-wind sentiments are valid. Jefferson County and Oswego County just told the New York State Power Authority to take their wind project elsewhere. They are catching on. More and more citizens are catching on.

Hell, even March hasn't been windy this year.

On the other hand. The foreign wind companies and the pro-wind and the wind contract bound public officials are not having any trouble at all keeping up with the good news about wind.

Because there isn't any.

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