Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glenn R. Schleede 3/24/10 Letter to Democrat and Chronicle

March 24, 2010

The Editor
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Dear Editor;

Regarding Mr. Orr's article in today's D&C, the fact that NYPA CEO, Richard Kessel, is "shocked" that NYPA received 11 indications of intent from developers to submit proposals to build "wind farms" in Lake Ontario shows that he is truly out of touch.

Does he really not understand that enormous federal and state subsidies and friendly federal and state officials virtually assure the profitability of unreliable "wind farms" with all the cost and risk flowing to taxpayers and electric customers, and adverse environmental impacts hitting those close to the "wind farms"?

Perhaps Mr. Kessel, the Governor, and other NY state officials would understand better if there were a few 400+ foot wind turbines on the front lawn of the capitol building in Albany, the NYPA headquarters in White Plains, or Mr. Kessel's estate.


Glenn R. Schleede (former Western New Yorker who remembers an unobstructed Lake Ontario)
18220 Turnberry Drive
Round Hill, VA 20141-2574

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