Thursday, September 15, 2011

Howard approves extra cost for two wind turbines

The Town of Howard met Wednesday and discussed the extra cost of adding two turbines.

The board approved an adjustment to the Environmental Monitoring Services Budget for extra time spent by Labella Associates PC engineers to assess the work to be done adding the last two turbines.

The budget was revised from $126,940 to $180,700 for the entire contract with Everpower. The budget increase comes after the town decided to add two additional turbines, which meant Labella engineers put in more hours assessing the environmental impact study required by Everpower.

Everpower agreed to cover the cost of the engineers and will absorb the budget difference approved by the board in last night’s meeting.

The two turbines were approved by the planning board to be installed on Spencer Hill Road, but a timetable for their installation is not yet determined.

LaBella Associates engineers were hired by the town to assess the construction and impact of the turbines, including all 25 that are currently installed.


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