Monday, September 05, 2011

Article X’ – Siting of Energy Facilities

To: Castile Town Board

SUBJECT: ‘Article X’ – Siting of Energy Facilities
Loss of Home Rule to Town of Castile & all NYS municipalities
Support of ”Coalition On Article X” (

Dear Supervisor Gozelski, Councilpersons Klein, Tarbell, Little & Monteleone,

I'd like to thank the Town Board for allowing me this opportunity for public comment. I am here before the Board this evening as a follow-up to the letter I sent you via e-mail -- the hard copy of which I am handing in tonight to be a part of public record.

As you are aware, New York State has stripped us of municipal "Home Rule" regarding the siting of energy facilities due to the recent passing of ‘Article X’ – newly renamed the “Power NY Act”. Our grassroots Coalition On ‘Article X’ was formed, and is gaining state-wide recognition and membership for one purpose -- to retain "HOME RULE"!

I would like to publicly thank regional Assemblyman, Dan Burling, and Genesee County's Senator Michael Razenhofer -- along with all NYS legislators who had the guts to speak out against this blatant Power Grab by Albany -- for taking a stand for all NYS towns & counties, by voting against the "Power NY Act".

Only a few short years ago, this Board was united in opposing the proposed, foreign-owned industrial wind installation within our township. If 'Article X' had been in effect at that time, your voices, and those of the taxpayers you represent, would have been silenced. This move by Albany has stripped us of all control of our own destiny, and instead, given a free pass to these multi-national corporate developers to rape us for our resources.

In these uncertain economic times when we are expected to receive less & less State & Federal support, it is totally unacceptable that we should be forced by “Big Brother” to surrender our municipalities' Constitutionally appointed planning and zoning rights. Clearly, our municipal governments at the County & Town levels are under attack by Albany.

I believe that we MUST stand up and speak out against the blatant theft of our freedoms if we wish to leave any semblance of those freedoms for our children and grandchildren to enjoy! It is for that reason that I have approached the Board this evening -- to ask that you join the efforts of our state-wide "Coalition On Article X", which has already been joined by many other elected and appointed officials from across New York State, by developing and passing a resolution that sends a clear message to Albany that we support municipal "Home Rule", and oppose 'Article X'. All who support “Home Rule” are encouraged to join our efforts.

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity to address the Board, and THANK YOU for all you do to protect all of our freedoms!

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Barton, COAX member
Coalition On Article X

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