Monday, August 29, 2011

Palmer response to Congressman Reed

Name: Arnold Palmer

Address: 11802 Stanton Road,
Prattsburgh, NY 14512 9319

Email: apalmer@rochester.rr.nyTelephone: 585.739.1015 Voice

Issue: EN

Message Subject: Your 8/25/11 response to Jim Hall, CPA Group, re wind power
Message Text:

In your 8/25/11 response to Jim Hall of the CPA Group, you wrote "First and foremost, we must remove ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. This is not only an economic issue but a national security concern as well. In the short term we must develop sources of domestic energy to assist in removing the necessity of foreign oil." Surely you realize that because of the irratic nature of wind as an energy source, particular in NYS's southern tier, state and federal law requires that anytime a wind source is brought on line, a conventional coal or oil powered power generation facility must be spooled up and remain on standby to take up the inevitable slack when the wind source throughput vacilates. That means that wind farms do not, in any way, limit our dependence on foreign oil - in fact, the opposite becomes true with a 2X factor. Of course, because the wind in our area is only strong at night in the winter, the Cohocton site is seldom, if ever, on line. Ask the leaseholders who aren't being paid because the turbines do not run enough to meet the lease minimum for payment. In Steuben County, and most other areas, the only thing green about wind projects are the accelerated investment tax credits paid to the wind farm developers by the federal government. It's clear that you've never taken a tour of the Cohocton wind farm and spoken first hand to the people who have 400+ foot wind turbines a few feet from their homes. BTW, let Jim Hall or a local resident conduct/accompany your visit, not just the wind developer. Thanks for your time and attention. PS: Stop by my place sometime. You can see all 42 of the turbines from a single location.

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