Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Board Votes For Turbines

ALLEGANY — Four years of community protest against a wind turbine farm in the Chipmonk and Knapp Creek areas were overlooked Monday when the Allegany Town Board voted 4 to 1 in favor of allowing the project to proceed.

Votes in favor of the wind overlay district, which allows the 29-wind turbine farm to be constructed by EverPower Wind Holdings Inc., were cast by Town Supervisor Patrick Eaton and town board members John Hare, Hans Sendlakowski and Ray Jonak. The lone vote against the project came from board member Jim Hitchcock. Several people applauded and thanked Mr. Hitchcock after he cast his vote.

The vote came after an hour-long rally attended by hundreds of protesters in front of the Allegany Senior Center. They held signs such as “RIP Allegany, 5 in a Room to Decide Her Fate,” and “Mr. Eaton, Too Bad You Won’t Be On The Town Board To Spend This Blood Money Come November.” They also chanted “vote no” and listened to a song about wind turbines by Barbara Dyskant. The group heard from town of Howard residents Donna Marmuscak and Jerry Hedman who said a 29-wind turbine farm is currently being constructed by EverPower in their community. Ms. Marmuscak said her community also fought against the project to no avail.

After the vote, rally organizer, Kathy Boser, said they had expected this outcome because the “writing was on the wall.”

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