Cohocton Wind Watch: First Wind Begins Commercial Operations at Milford II Wind Project
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Wind Begins Commercial Operations at Milford II Wind Project

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First Wind, an independent U.S.-based wind energy company, today announced that the construction of the 102 megawatt (MW) Milford Wind Corridor Phase II (Milford II) project has been completed and commercial operations have begun. Located in the counties of Millard and Beaver, Utah, the Milford Phases I and II are the two largest wind energy projects in Utah.

The 102 MW project, which features 68 1.5 MW GE turbines is located north of the 204 MW Milford Wind Corridor Phase I project (Milford I). At 306 MW, the combined output of Milford I and II has the capacity to generate enough energy to power up to 64,000 homes.

Pursuant to a power purchase agreement with Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), power generated by Milford II is being supplied to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Glendale Water and Power. Milford II adds to the already significant renewable energy that is being produced and delivered to Los Angeles, Burbank and Pasadena, California from the Milford I project.

“We are proud to announce the completion of this high quality wind project,” said Paul Gaynor, CEO, First Wind. “This project is now delivering clean, renewable power for use by thousands of homes and businesses. Putting the pieces together on Milford II has been a remarkable experience, and we are proud to have partnered with the State of Utah, our host counties of Beaver and Millard, our PPA partners – SCPPA, LADWP and Glendale – our landowner group including the Bureau of Land Management and the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, our general contractor RMT, our subcontractors, and our lenders. This day is a celebration for everyone involved.”

“The Milford II Wind Power Project is an example of LADWP working smarter while boosting the amount of renewable energy provided to customers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said LADWP General Manager Ronald O. Nichols. “With the completion of this project we ensure the delivery of 102 megawatts of wind power at a set price for the next 20 years.”

“We are pleased for the continued and successful working relationship with First Wind,” said Bill D. Carnahan, Executive Director of the Southern California Public Power Authority. “These projects are cost effective resources which benefit the local communities in Utah, while also supporting the renewable objectives of our communities in California. Delivering clean energy is a partnership in which we all share common objectives.”

RMT, which led the construction of the Milford I project in 2009, again led the construction activities for the Milford II project. Construction on the Milford II project began in the summer of 2010.

“We are pleased to have completed another project with First Wind,” said Steve Johansen, RMT President. “As with the first phase of the project, RMT hired local workers and subcontractors whenever possible so that the construction of this expansion provided economic benefits for the surrounding community and Utah.”

The Milford Wind project has been an ongoing source of jobs, business activity, and tax revenue for Millard, Beaver and adjacent counties. Milford II supported about 200 on-site construction jobs during peak months. Additionally, First Wind and RMT hired many Utah-based subcontractors, suppliers and local businesses. The combined 306 MW facility will support 20 full-time, on-site operations and maintenance jobs.

“The local communities in Millard and Beaver Counties have benefited in so many ways from the Milford Wind projects,” said Millard County Commissioner Daron Smith. “Through direct spending or local subcontractors, this development has been an economic benefit for our towns, while also helping our environment. Southern Utah has tremendous potential for generating renewable power and these types of projects send the right message to our young people.”

Building on successful financings in Utah and other states, First Wind secured financing for the project through experienced providers. RBS Securities Inc. was the lead arranger and the following banks acted as joint lead arrangers: Banco Espirito Santo S.A. New York Branch, Santander Investment Securities Inc., CoBank, ACB, and SG Americas Securities, LLC.

Creating the clean energy from both the Milford I and Milford II projects requires no use of water. In addition, with an aggregate of 306 MW of clean, wind energy between the two projects, the power produced by Milford Wind is the equivalent of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by almost 300,000 tons annually, calculated in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (U.S. EPA) Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database (E-GRID).


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