Sunday, November 07, 2010

Town considers law against power lines

HENDERSON — Some Henderson Town Council members tried to kick the fight against wind development up a notch Thursday, offering a resolution that would start work on a law to ban transmission lines.

Councilwoman Carol A. Hall offered the resolution.

"This is more or less because we have Galloo Island coming," she said. "Since they are going to make a decision in January, I wanted to get the ball rolling. I make a motion to introduce and vote on a resolution ... to prepare for both public viewing as well as a public hearing" for a local law.

The motion was voted down 3-2, with Ms. Hall and Councilwoman Torre J. Parker-Lane in favor. Supervisor Raymond A. Walker and councilmen Stephen C. Cote and Frank W. Ross opposed.

The proposed law would prevent running pole transmission lines designed to transport wind-generated electricity from Henderson to another location, Ms. Hall said.

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