Cohocton Wind Watch: Letter to Congressman Kuhl
Cohocton Wind Watch is a community citizen organization dedicated to preserve the public safety, property values, economic viability, environmental integrity and quality of life in Cohocton, NY and in surrounding townships. Neighbors committed to public service in order to achieve a reasonable vision for a Finger Lakes region worthy of future generations.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Letter to Congressman Kuhl


I have been a supporter of your for years and have been on board with your voting record as well. Although I am a registered republican I do practice "common sense" in all aspects of life including believing in stricter gun control laws, longer waiting periods and total bans on all automatic and semi-automatic weapons. I support the patriot act and any means our commander in chief deems necessary during a time of war. But that is not what this is about. I recently received your new mailer and instantly got a knot in my stomach. Is one of the most trusted congressman in upstate been bought out?? I refer, of course to the depiction of single family homes and windmills sitting happily side by side. You are joking, right? Windmills in New York are the epidemy of everything that is wrong in NYS. Name one other thing that can single handedly break promises, bribe officials, ruin the environment, bankrupt tourism, destroy the beauty of the finger lakes and manifest the greed of big business. Who loses? The residents and taxpayers of every town involved. We are the ones paying the taxes that are being used to hand out to out of state business that have lied their way into every struggling small town with promises of grandeurs. Riding the coat tails of the "Global Warming" myth is the magical windmills. The only thing Green about these monolithic eye sours is the $$$$ that are being promised and not delivered.

At the very least, town board members must recuse themselves from any vote that may profit them now or going forward. It is interesting how many board members of Prattsburgh were allowing windmills on their land. It is interesting that they voted 3 to 2 to allow eminent domain to seize land to assure the connectivity of windmills on their hills. It is even more interesting that the tie breaking vote was a member that admits to have received money from FIRST WIND BEFORE the vote took place. It is of great interest that the property owners were not informed of the special hearing in time for all to attend. It is interesting that many of the land owners are from out of state (Texas) and have NEVER even been to upstate NY. What is the relationship of these owners to board members and FIRST WIND??


As an Architect with a strong engineering background I understand the minimal (if any) benefits that a windmill will produce. As a Congressman for our district you need to understand the long term devastation that Windmills will negatively impact every aspect of live here including the decline of tourism, loss of property value, loss of tax base, and influx of "entitlement" based residents drawn to our small towns to live is cheap rentals around obnoxious towers that no one else wants. This will lead to a further erosion of our tax base and more burden on the hard workers that are struggling already.

As a tax paying owner of 3 properties and a long resident of South Bristol I will have little problem packing my bags and leaving this already deeply troubled state. It is unfortunate that a price has been put on the unbelievable beauty that Mother Nature has blessed the Finger Lakes with.

I support Cuomo on his investigations into local corruptions and it should become well know that this scam and corruption is widespread. Look at what the citizens said at the eminent domain hearing at this site.

Please support the efforts to keep the Finger Lakes as pristine as Mother Nature made them.

Thanks for your time.
RJ Russ


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