Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Research wind power, look at Wolfe Island

I have watched the problems that Cape Vincent and Clayton are experiencing due to the foreign-owned energy giants wanting to put in 400-foot-tall industrial wind turbines near people's homes. I know of a family who could end up with 32 industrial wind turbines within a mile and a half of their home.

My husband and I have been looking to buy a home in the country, but we have decided to wait because we would never want to live near any industrial turbines. We feel sorry for the property owners who have now found out that the developers can take away their property rights and peaceful nights. These property owners bought homes in the country for the tranquil settings, and they never dreamed that something this large and disruptive could be placed 500 feet from their property line.

At first I thought that industrial wind turbines might solve energy problems. It sounded like it would be clean, free energy. But when I started looking into it, I found out this is not true. Please do your own research by going to www.WindPowerFacts.Info which explains the many sides to industrial wind, including how it will never help reduce the CO2 emissions and how it could hurt our country. Also check out and www.CROH.Info.

Everyone should also go to Cape Vincent at night and witness the red lights flashing from the industrial wind turbines on Wolfe Island and consider what it would be like to live with 32 of them so close by your home.

Vivian Czerwinski

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