Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comments on Wolfe Island by Art Pundt


Since the Wolfe Island Wind Farm became operational in early July I have heard low rumbling on some nights from my side yard or deck at my cottage. I have heard it numerous time. I have heard the trains in Canada and traffic on the 401 in Canada as well as the city hum of Kingston on quiet nights. This was different and coming directly from the red lights of the WI turbines. I also know the low rumble of ships. There were no ships around.

I wasn't sure, so last night with a fairly strong south wind we drove down to the village of Cape Vincent. We stopped at the public boat launch in the village. I opened up the drivers side window with that side of the truck out of the wind...and sure enough there was the answer. The turbines on WI are can easily be heard. Sounds like a jet flying over at altitude and is very distinct. Or it soulds like the sound eminated from outside a large busy city. If you are in a clam spot protected from the wind the sound is really clear.

Now keep in mind the the closest turbine to me is about 7.5 miles and the center of the WI project is around 9-10 miles from my cottage. At the public dock in CV the nearest turbines is about 3 miles. This was all measured on Google Earth.

Now keep in mind the distances I mentioned above. The town is only about 4 to 5 miles wide, and something like 12 miles long (approx).

And that is 148 turbines packed into that area. WI is 86. You won't be able to hide anywhere from the sound based on what I heard coming from WI. I am surprised there have not been any mention of this or complaints coming from the village. Also keep in mind that the wind was blowing away from me last night

So what is the bottom line? If you think a wind law will protect you even with large sound set backs... based on what I have heard from WI and the distance at which you can hear these better think again!!!! Turbines do not belong in this community period!

Go down to the village some night with a strong south wind and listen for yourself, then do the math.

Art Pundt

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